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Beginners Scottish Athletics Skills Workshop – Open to all comers!!

Always a highlight at each year’s Gathering of the Scots Festival, are the exhibitions of great strength and skill displayed during the “Ancient Scottish Athletics Competitions”.  Over the years, hundreds of athletes – both experienced and first-time competitors have enjoyed a fun-filled weekend of first-time experiences and competition at the festival’s state of the art athletics venue.

 Did you know that the Gathering of the Scots in Perth-Andover was the “first” to offer a female component to these traditionally male events?  And did you also know that we can claim “first” in offering a junior athletics division of competition (under 20 years) attracting the interest of many young athletes?

 Have ever wondered what it would be like to “try your hand” at events like the stone toss, the hammer throw, the weight for height and finally, defeating “Old Nasty” with the caber toss?  Well here’s your chance!  Why not attend a short workshop supervised by professional instructors and see what you think?  Whether you simply want to “see what it’s all about” or are considering taking up this ancient form of athletics on a more serious note, Thursday night’s workshop is where you need to be!

 The “Best in New Brunswick” will be on hand to get you started!  Local instructors Dirk Bishop and Kevin Robinson will be on hand to tell you everything you need to know!  Long before the crowds gather to watch, these Lads  will “walk” you through the various components and skills of the sport – a light-hearted evening of fun for all!  And you never know, after this introduction, you might even consider tossing a few rocks, hammers and telephone poles in Saturday Amateur Class of competition on the festival’s main field Saturday!


“Com’on, dunna’ be a-frade” – give us a call and register early!  “Come & Be Scottish for the Weekend!”


Beginners Scottish Athletics Skills Workshop    

Veteran’s Field, Perth  

5:00PM,  Thursday, May 29th, 2014              

For more information call Dirk Bishop at 273-3102.