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Whisky Pairing Dinner April 11 2015 @ Perth Elks' Hall

Here is a list of the Whiskies we're serving  April 11, 2015 at the GOS Whisky-Pairing Dinner, as given to me by John Lang.

Flavour Profiles of 5 proposed Single Malts for 2015 Whisky Pairings Dinner, April 11
With % alcohol by volume and no. of bottles in NB on Feb. 1/ 15
1.    An Cnoc 12 , $67.99, 40% abv, 120 in NB
Light, spicy, demarara sugar, butterscotch, cinnamon, single cream, white wine, golden syrup, vanilla, drying oak, smooth, honey, lemon, apple, floral
2.    Bowmore 12 , $49.78, 40% abv, 600 in NB
Peat smoke, bergamot, orange zest, floral, heather, honey, vanilla, sea spray, fruity, sherry, cocoa, boiled sweets, caramel, white sugar
3.    Glenlivet 18 , $89.99, 43% abv, 240 in NB
Berries, walnuts, sultanas, sherried orange peels, barley sugars, fudge, smoke, oak, honey, apples, cut herbs-spearmint & fennel, creamy mouth feel, liquorice, cinnamon, ginger, carmelized pears, shortbread, ideal aperitif, heather, scent of peony, balance between sweetness and malty dryness
4.  Glenmorangie 18 , $157.99, 43% abv, 35 in NB
Dried tropical fruit, honey, malt, floral-jasmin, dates, figs, woodsmoke, Oloroso sherry, walnuts, hazelnuts, greek yogurt, grapefruit, berry compote, lychee, crème brulee, creamy vanilla
5.   Talisker 57 North , $169.99, 57% abv, 120 in NB
Big, bold, beefy, sweet citrus, pork, bacon, rich peat smoke, pepper, butter, tar, chili powder, dry wood, lemon juice, manuka honey, sea spray, kelp, ginger, creamy toffee.
Food menu to follow.    


Heavy Metal at the Gathering!

“Heavyweight Athletics Rule” at the Gathering of the Scots, with amateur and professional – male and female divisions alike will take the field beginning Saturday (10:00 AM).  From Halifax to Ottawa – from New Hampshire to Maine - and beyond, they are all planning to take top honors from the field in 2014!  

The “next generation” will take the field Saturday morning (9:00 AM) when the “Junior” competition begins.  Members of our own Southern Victoria Junior Heavy Athletics Program will compete against all-comers from Ontario and Nova Scotia.  

Come and cheer your favorite thrower!!!


Dirk Bishop
Kevin Robinson
Berle Conrad
Mark Currier
Sean Borland
Jim Nickerson
Danny Steele
Joe Hall
Terry McKay
Bryan MacLean
Greg Hadley
Matt Doherty
Danny Frame
Neil Lowry
Matt Hand
Rob Meulenberg
Jasen VonGuinness
Adam Ogilvie
Bill Waddell
Heidi Lowry
Jennifer Paterson
Wendy McCrea
Sandi Conrad
Megan Sullivan
Mark Fournier
Sean Simms
Scott McHugh
Scott Bishop
Lucas Robinson
Mason Crain
Declan Boone
Colby McLean




Are ‘ye man (or Lassie) enough for “THE KILT”?

The “Best in New Brunswick” will be on hand to get you started!  Local instructors Dirk Bishop and Kevin Robinson will be on hand to tell you everything you need to know!  Long before the crowds gather to watch, these Lads  will “walk” you through the various components and skills of the sport – a light-hearted evening of fun for all!  And you never know, after this introduction, you might even consider tossing a few rocks, hammers and telephone poles in Saturday Amateur Class of competition on the festival’s main field Saturday!


“Com’on, dunna’ be a-frade” – give us a call (Dirk Bishop at 273-3102) and register early!  “Come & Be Scottish for the Weekend!”


Beginners Scottish Athletics Skills Workshop      

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013       5:00PM        

Veteran’s Field, Perth